News about E-Ink

E Ink: Entwickler-Kit mit elektronischem Papier –
(the corresponding PR announcement)

go on, go on, go on. that’s what i want. i don’t like reading on the screen very much. i waste tons of paper just for printing internet pages and reading them, e.g. while travelling around through vienna by tram.

unfortunately the e-book device development seems to have stopped in 2002. i hope that this will push forward new products, although i believe there wouldn’t be an affordable one within 2 years. in the u.s. give europe another year. :o/

an additional note to the hardware developers: don’t even think about a two-display/double-page e-book device. that’s what i always hated about books. when reading while lying the next page is always uncomfortable to read.

still one more: don’t mess around with supporting a lot of document formats. just pdf will do (flexible os’es let you save any printed document as pdf).

ahh. one more: underlining words on such a device would be too much comfort for the beginning. needing a touchable display it would be too much work. postpone it. please.

now for the last point: use e-ink. it only needs energy for displaying new pages. this will make the battery as long lasting as i want it to be.

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