Squid's HTTP Acceleration Mode

I have recently configured a server of mine to use the Squid Cache in HTTP Acceleration mode. So what's this anyway? A typical request to a webserver looks like this: Client browser opens connection to server port 80, server sends back the data through that connection. For the time of the transfer the server "loses" […]

Favicon caching

Hello there, You may have noticed that your blummy now opens a bit faster. This is due to a new feature: [Feature] Favicons are cached on the blummy server. So now your blummy will not hesitate to open because some server is not ready to serve his icon. I hope this causes some speed-ups ;) […]

Using a Feedback Form for Spam

Have you ever received weird spam via the feedback form of your site? Something with your own address as sender or with some Mime stuff in the body? Your form is likely to be misused for spamming. How does it work? For PHP, for example, there is the mail function that can be used to […]

Moderation in place

The latest update to blummy covers moderation. I have cleaned up the blummlets so that there should not be too many blummlets doing the same thing left. While cleaning up I had to merge a few blummlets; if everything went okay you wouldn't have noticed anything, if not, a blummlet might have disappeared from your […]

Now with Preferences

So the latest release is online. The additions this time: [GUI] There is now a simple and advanced mode. [Feature] A Preferences page is now available. [App] You can now change blummy's opacity in the Preferences. [App] You can now change the close button position in blummy in the Preferences. [Feature] There is now a […]

blummy forum

I have now setup a forum for blummy. It is integrated with the blummy authentication system so that you don't have to register once again. blummy, forum

del.icio.us Bookmarks

I have created a new blummlet called del.icio.us Bookmarks. It's just another demonstration of what is possible with blummy but it might be useful, too ;) Using it you have access to your latest bookmarks on del.icio.us from within blummy. You can also specify a certain tag so that only bookmarks having that tag will […]