Now with Preferences

So the latest release is online. The additions this time:

  • [GUI] There is now a simple and advanced mode.
  • [Feature] A Preferences page is now available.
  • [App] You can now change blummy's opacity in the Preferences.
  • [App] You can now change the close button position in blummy in the Preferences.
  • [Feature] There is now a Save button if XHR does not work for you in configuration.
  • [GUI] A small Flash movie on the Start Page shows how blummy works.

6 thoughts on “Now with Preferences

  1. Wow, that transparacy feature is great!
    But as I said in my e-mail, I would love it if I could have the close button besides my username in that small area at the bottom of the Blummy. Doesn't that make sense..?

  2. Hello, sorry to drop by again, but is it me or does blummy still continue to crash Opera 9.0 ? I'm using Opera 9.0 pr1, it might be buggish, but can you see around a bit man? I mean, it worked fine on the previous site design of blummy, but now as soon as the blummy homepage loads BLAM! opera crashes ;(

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