Moderation in place

Saturday, November 5th, 2005 at 23:52 +0000 (UTC) by Alexander Kirk

The latest update to blummy covers moderation.
I have cleaned up the blummlets so that there should not be too many blummlets doing the same thing left. While cleaning up I had to merge a few blummlets; if everything went okay you wouldn't have noticed anything, if not, a blummlet might have disappeared from your blummy. Sorry for that.

  • [GUI] A check next to a blummlet means that it has been verified by a moderator.
  • [Feature] In preferences you can check whether you want to see unverified blummlets, too (default is no)
  • [Feature] You can now choose to open a blummlet in a new Window or Tab (Preferences under advanced). This is actually a not seen feature for bookmarklets. It is established by using the Blummy library function Blummy.href() which resembles location.href = url as Blummy.href(url).
  • [GUI] Cleaned up the preferences window a bit.

With cleaning up I moved almost each blummlet using location.href to use Blummy.href so that for most of them the "open in tab" feature should work. Additionally I have converted all the document.selection/window.getSelection etc. to Blummy.getSelection so that using the selection should work in almost any browser now.


3 Responses to “Moderation in place”

  1. børge Says:

    There is no link from this blog til the preferences page. You first have to go to config, and then to prefs.

  2. Alexander Kirk Says:

    The Preferences link is only available when advanced configuration is turned on. If it is then there is also a link to preferences in the blog.

  3. naser Says:

    Hey. the problem I was facing previously with Opera 9.0 pr1 crashing at blummy-page entry has been fixed ;) It turns out that the problem was with the Macromedia Flash Player 8 plugin. Anyway, thanks for that quick tip.