Further Speed Improvements

I have decided to turn on caching to full throttle. This means that I don't request the browser any more to check back with blummy.com (to see if something has changed in the configuration) when you click on your blummy bookmarklet. So if you have high latency times between you (e.g. when you are living […]

Introducing: Wish-O-Matic

So Christmas is approaching and you need to buy some presents for your friends. So good for the idea, but what to buy? I've created a little web app for that, called Wish-O-Matic. You choose a few things of which you know that your friend likes them. That's it. That app will tell you what […]

Create your blummlet: Wizard

Do you miss a service on blummy? Well, create it for yourself. Don't have a clue how Javascript works? Does not matter anymore. [Feature] Wizard for create your own blummlet This should make it quite easy to create a blummlet for any service yourself. Because space is a little limited there, I give a more […]

Loading Blummy…

People have been complaining that it took more than one click to open blummy. The problem is that it may take some time to transfer the blummy script source to your computer (due to slow server, network, whatever). So after the first click, blummy is loaded from blummy.com, when you click again (before blummy appears), […]