Announcing Wizlite: Collaborative Page Highlighting

So I’m not the first to write about my project? Well. Nice ;)

Wizlite takes the good old highlighting marker from paper to web. People get different colors and mark important sections on any homepage.

Users can create groups and wizlite away on a certain topic (either private or public).

You’d have to use it to experience how fun it is ;) So:

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4 thoughts on “Announcing Wizlite: Collaborative Page Highlighting

  1. Hi!
    This is a great idea and I have allready enjoyed blummy, great work!
    I enabled wizlite code on my blog, someone has highlighted some text but... you better see for your self ->
    we can see all the div's, I did see that also happened when you enable wizlite on the help page, just wanted to know if your looking in to it.
    Also would it be possible to have that wizblock appear only to those who have a wizlite cookie?

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