Blummy wins Web 2.0 Bookmarking Award!

I'm proud to announce that Blummy has been voted to first place of the bookmarking category by the Web 2.0 Awards by Blummy placed in front of Looksmart's and it's similar sounding competitor As all the other winners of each category, I have also been interviewed. I can highly recommend reading the […]

Looking into the Skype Protocol

As you all know, Skype is a very popular Voice-over-IP software. Skype also claims that all its communication is encrypted (which raised some discussion whether you should considered a criminal (digged also) if you "hide away" from eavesdropping). Philippe Biondi and Fabrice Desclaux from EADS held a talk at Blackhat Europe conference where they show […]

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Delicious Interface Updates

Today did some really nice interface updates. In the first place, they announced inline editing which is very slick. You just click on "edit" on the "your bookmarks" page and you can edit the item right away. They also updated the URL page which looks very nice and tidy now. These updates don't affect […]

A better understanding of JavaScript

I've been working with JavaScript for years. It was my replacement for a server side language when I couldn't afford to buy web space in the mid-90's. Still, as the language becomes popular again, I recognized that I did understand the basics but there was much more to the language. digg it, add to delicious […]