Misuse of the Array Object in JavaScript

There is a very good post about Associative Arrays considered harmful by Andrew Dupont. The title is a bit misleading but correct. When coming accross a piece of JavaScript like this foo["test"] = 1; there is nothing wrong about it. It's the basic usage scheme of assoziative arrays. Or should i rather say objects? While […]

A better understanding of JavaScript

I've been working with JavaScript for years. It was my replacement for a server side language when I couldn't afford to buy web space in the mid-90's. Still, as the language becomes popular again, I recognized that I did understand the basics but there was much more to the language. digg it, add to delicious […]

10 Realistic Steps to a Faster Web Site

I complained before about bad guides to improve the performance of your website. digg it, add to delicious I'd like to give you a more realistic guide on how to achieve the goal. I have written my master thesis in computer sciences on this topic and will refer to it throughout the guide. 1. Determine […]

Speed up your page, but how?

Today I ran accross the blog entry by Marcelo Calbucci, called "Web Developers: Speed up your pages!". It's a typical example of good idea, bad execution. Most of the points he mentions are really bad practice. He suggests reducing traffic (and therefore loading time) by removing whitespace from the source code, to write all code […]

Using a Feedback Form for Spam

Have you ever received weird spam via the feedback form of your site? Something with your own address as sender or with some Mime stuff in the body? Your form is likely to be misused for spamming. How does it work? For PHP, for example, there is the mail function that can be used to […]

Eclipse Everywhere. Buah.

It's been a little quiet lately. This is because I am working on a cute little project that I will be able to present soon. More when the time is ready. There has been rumor lately that Zend (developer of PHP) will release a PHP Framework. This is nothing new, there has been a IDE […]

Caching of Downloaded Code: Testing Results

Today I did some experimenting with the caching of downloaded code (or On-Demand Javascript, whatever you want to call it). I've set up a small testing suite that currently tests 3 different ways of downloading code: script-tag insertion via DOM, XmlHttpRequest as a GET and XHR as a POST. These are my results for now: […]