trac Report for Feature Voting

I use trac for quite a few projects of mine. Recently I tried to find a plugin for deciding which features to implement next. Usually trac hacks has something in store for that, but not this time.

I wanted to be able to create a ticket and then collect user feedback as comments for the feature, with each piece of feedback being a vote for that feature, like this:

After searching for a bit I came up with a solution by using just a report with a nicely constructed SQL query.

SELECT p.value AS __color__,
   t.type AS `type`, id AS ticket, count(tc.ticket) as votes, summary, component, version, milestone,
   t.time AS created,
   changetime AS _changetime, description AS _description,
   reporter AS _reporter
  FROM ticket t, ticket_change tc, enum p
  WHERE t.status <> 'closed'
AND tc.ticket = and tc.field = 'comment' and tc.newvalue like '%#vote%'
AND = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority'
GROUP BY id, summary, component, version, milestone, t.type, owner, t.time,
  changetime, description, reporter, p.value, status
HAVING count(tc.ticket) >= 1
 ORDER BY votes DESC, milestone, t.type, t.time

So just by including "#vote" in a comment, it would count towards the number of votes. You can change this text to anything you want, of course. For example like this:

I hope this can be useful for someone else, too.

Colorillo: Draw on an LED Wall

Colorillo currently powers a collaborative drawing event in Vienna: At Adria Wien there is a temporary LED wall on which you can draw with the help of Colorillo.

Take your mobile phone (iPhone or Android, also iPod Touch, iPad or Laptop works) out of your pocket, enter the URL that you find there, and on your screen you will see what's on the LED wall. Then you can paint on that. Of course with the technology of Colorillo, multiple people can draw at the same time.

The resolution is a little limited, as the LED wall had been built by hand by students of architecture, so in my experience it's a little more like splash painting with colors, but we'll see how it turns out tonight.

Tonight (July 22, 2010) at 8:30pm there is a special drawing event with John Megill of FM4 as a DJ. If you're around, come by! It will be fun!

The whole event is hosted by the Ärzte ohne Grenzen (Doctors without borders) beach that has been set up for the duration of the AIDS conference that is being held in Vienna this year.

You can also join the event on Facebook and check out more info at the Colorillo blog post.


Currently I am doing my civillian service in Austria (though only 1.5 months to go), but in summer when I had a little free time I built something small and neat: Colorillo.


Colorillo is a very simple drawing program on a web site. What makes it particularly fun is that you can draw together with other people. Whatever someone draws on the page you are currently on, you will see right away.


Colorillo makes use of a plethora of interesting technologies to accomplish simultaneous drawing. Among them are:

Then in October I got the chance to bring Colorillo onto the LED wall of the archdiploma 2009 exhibition at Kunsthalle Vienna, so at the moment you can stand in front of the building and use Colorillo to draw on it. It's fun!

Colorillo on Kunsthalle Wien

Unknown Blummy Treasures

Steve Rubel re-mentions blummy on his blog. Thanks a lot!

I'd like to take this chance to show you some of the lesser known blummlets (or bookmarklets if you prefer). Take a look at how I have configured my blummy.

blummy: alexa


The favorite of my blummlets (and in this case it deserves to be called like that, as it is an image), is the Alexa blummlet on the bottom. I just have to open blummy on any page on the web and I can instantly see how much traffic it has (well as far as you can count on Alexa on that).

When you add the blummlet you might want to resize it to fit yours. So first add it to your blummy, then resize the blummlet by holding shift and drag from within that blummlet. Voilá.


blummy: click2zap

Click2Zap by Steve Clay (site is currently down) is something for you if you print web pages a lot. I dislike reading long texts on-screen (waiting for the Sony PRS-500), I print blog texts a lot.

Using click2zap you can remove unnecessary text or links from a web page before you print it. You can click on a paragraph, a red dotted border will appear. You click again, it's deleted. Very neat.


What Google Notebook has added to Firefox, has been possible through Blummy for a long time. Cross-browser.

blummywiki: google notebook

When you surf around you can use the BlummyWiki to store information you find on a page for later use. Or maintain a list of your most often visited pages. Most useful thing about it is that can use the same blummy account on multiple browsers and multiple computers.

Andy Roberts already had some ideas what to do with the BlummyWiki. Check it out.

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Blummy wins Web 2.0 Bookmarking Award!

SEOmoz Web 2.0 Awards - WinnerI'm proud to announce that Blummy has been voted to first place of the bookmarking category by the Web 2.0 Awards by

Blummy placed in front of Looksmart's and it's similar sounding competitor

As all the other winners of each category, I have also been interviewed. I can highly recommend reading the other interviews, with

SEOmoz Web 2.0 Awards - Blummy Bookmarking Winner

Thanks for the award and congratulations for the excellent choice of nominees and winners.

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Feature Updates (close and turn off password query)

Some new features now, mainly fulfilling public requests which I had to admit opened a few annoyances.

  • [Feature] Close Blummy after clicking on a blummlet. Blummy will disappear after you have clicked a blummlet. This option is under advanced view on the config screen and under Preferences.
  • [Feature] You can now turn off the password request when using blummy. Although most browsers should give you the option to remember the username/password combination, still here and there the query poped up. So now you can make your blummy available to everyone again (so it will omit the query).

I also created a small donation page. If you think that blummy is good value, I'd appreciate a small donation. Thanks!

Blummy: Major Update

I'm proud to announce a major update of Blummy.

Blummy now includes blummyWiki, a small notebook-wiki that can be displayed within the current page. So you could store favorite URLs or commonly used information there which will be available on any page just like Blummy. And of course it's crossbrowser and crosscomputer.

In my opinion this is a very unique and useful feature.

There is now also custom color and css support. You can browse other users' Blummys via the "Explore" link in the menu.
Furthermore Blummy is now secured by password at last (so private blummlets are quite secure now).

A few words on the blummyWiki: It is invoked by switching an option on the Prefs page or by using one of these blummlets: open on the left, open below and open on the right. (display all three blummlets in configuration view).

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Announcing Wizlite: Collaborative Page Highlighting

So I'm not the first to write about my project? Well. Nice ;)

Wizlite takes the good old highlighting marker from paper to web. People get different colors and mark important sections on any homepage.

Users can create groups and wizlite away on a certain topic (either private or public).

You'd have to use it to experience how fun it is ;) So:

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Further Speed Improvements

I have decided to turn on caching to full throttle.

This means that I don't request the browser any more to check back with (to see if something has changed in the configuration) when you click on your blummy bookmarklet. So if you have high latency times between you (e.g. when you are living on the opposite site of the planet) and this will most probably be good for you.

The bad side — and that's why I haven't done this before — is that you might run into a stale copy of blummy more easily when you do some re-configuration. So here are two hints if you don't see what you have configured:

  • Delete the blummy bookmarklet and re-drag it from the configuration page. There is a little random value that should prevent a stale copy.
  • Clear your browser cache.

I hope that you encounter a further speed increase with blummy and keep on spreading the word ;)

Introducing: Wish-O-Matic

So Christmas is approaching and you need to buy some presents for your friends. So good for the idea, but what to buy?

I've created a little web app for that, called Wish-O-Matic. You choose a few things of which you know that your friend likes them. That's it. That app will tell you what would match these items.
The Amazon Web Service API is used, so the products are somewhat restricted to the products they offer.

Give it a shot: Wish-O-Matic

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Create your blummlet: Wizard

Do you miss a service on blummy? Well, create it for yourself. Don't have a clue how Javascript works? Does not matter anymore.

  • [Feature] Wizard for create your own blummlet

This should make it quite easy to create a blummlet for any service yourself.

Because space is a little limited there, I give a more detailed introduction here:

Suppose there was no blummlet for searching at Google and you wanted to create one:

  1. First, log in and go to the create a blummlet page. Open the wizard there.
  2. Open a new window or tab and navigate to the service (i.e.
  3. Enter the query BLUMMY and submit the form. Wait for the results to appear.
  4. Click the location bar of your browser and copy the whole URL (mark the text and press Ctrl-C or Cmd-C). This would be for me.
  5. Go back to the create blummlet page and type in the service name (i.e. Google) and paste the URL to the corresponding field (Ctrl-V or Cmd-V).
  6. Click "Create".
  7. The wizard should have disappeared and most of the fields have been filled out. Now enter a description and click "Save". Done.


Loading Blummy…

People have been complaining that it took more than one click to open blummy. The problem is that it may take some time to transfer the blummy script source to your computer (due to slow server, network, whatever). So after the first click, blummy is loaded from, when you click again (before blummy appears), you instantly close blummy again, so nothing happens. Only after the third click blummy opens.

Now our user fuska had the great idea to display a small "loading blummy" text, so the user knows what's going on.

  • [Feature] "Loading blummy…" informs the user about the current ongoings.

The downside of this update is that you need to replace your blummy bookmarklet (as the loading text is displayed by the bookmarklet to do that instantaneously). So go to, log in, and drag blummy to your toolbar again. That should do the trick.

Thanks, fuska!

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