Colorillo: Draw on an LED Wall

Colorillo currently powers a collaborative drawing event in Vienna: At Adria Wien there is a temporary LED wall on which you can draw with the help of Colorillo.

Take your mobile phone (iPhone or Android, also iPod Touch, iPad or Laptop works) out of your pocket, enter the URL that you find there, and on your screen you will see what’s on the LED wall. Then you can paint on that. Of course with the technology of Colorillo, multiple people can draw at the same time.

The resolution is a little limited, as the LED wall had been built by hand by students of architecture, so in my experience it’s a little more like splash painting with colors, but we’ll see how it turns out tonight.

Tonight (July 22, 2010) at 8:30pm there is a special drawing event with John Megill of FM4 as a DJ. If you’re around, come by! It will be fun!

The whole event is hosted by the Ärzte ohne Grenzen (Doctors without borders) beach that has been set up for the duration of the AIDS conference that is being held in Vienna this year.

You can also join the event on Facebook and check out more info at the Colorillo blog post.


Currently I am doing my civillian service in Austria (though only 1.5 months to go), but in summer when I had a little free time I built something small and neat: Colorillo.


Colorillo is a very simple drawing program on a web site. What makes it particularly fun is that you can draw together with other people. Whatever someone draws on the page you are currently on, you will see right away.


Colorillo makes use of a plethora of interesting technologies to accomplish simultaneous drawing. Among them are:

Then in October I got the chance to bring Colorillo onto the LED wall of the archdiploma 2009 exhibition at Kunsthalle Vienna, so at the moment you can stand in front of the building and use Colorillo to draw on it. It’s fun!

Colorillo on Kunsthalle Wien