I have created a new blummlet called Bookmarks.
It's just another demonstration of what is possible with blummy but it might be useful, too ;)

Using it you have access to your latest bookmarks on from within blummy. You can also specify a certain tag so that only bookmarks having that tag will be displayed. Give it a try!

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2 thoughts on “ Bookmarks

  1. Hi Alexander,
    I love Blummy and I've been blogging about it all over the place. I knew I needed to use bookmarklets more, and the ones which I can acquire through blummy solve several of my needs. I don't know much about writing my own bookmarklets yet though, and I've got stuck on trying to get the WordPress "link this" to work on blummy.
    So I thought it might be an idea if there were a forum for blummy somewhere that I could get help with problematic blummlets, make suggestions, swap ideas and learn from each other. "Social bookmarkletting" is your invention, let it take off!
    I'd appreciate a working "WP link this" too, if anyone knows how.

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